Welcome to TYKU!

TYKU elevates the timeless tradition of sake brewing for the modern 21st Century palate. Known as “The Drink of the Gods”, sake is the national spirit of Japan and has been consumed for over 4,000 years.

Come experience where sophistication and leisure meet. This promises to be a venue that Central Texas has never seen before. Where wine enthusiast and music lovers can mingle and lounge in a unique Asian décor. Come see all that TYKU Wine Bar and Lounge has to offer.

TYKU is located in the heart of the newly renovating downtown. Be a part of the new vision of what’s yet to come. TYKU is a place for friends to gather, relax and celebrate good times.


Explore TYKU extensive wine list that offers 100 wines that will entice your tasting pleasures. For those that are not wine drinkers, enjoy TYKU premium liquor, signature cocktail recipes, and artisan beers.


TYKU offers diverse cuisine from feature vendors of cultural delights. As simple as chicken wings to Asian Fusion Bistro, or discover wine pairing with gourmet crackers, fruits, and cheese plates.


Take the TYKU world tour as TYKU offers wine flights from around the world. Where do you like to travel? Asia, South America, Europe, Down Under, or just a short flight to Napa Valley.